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Visitation Ministry


Where Do We Serve?  
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Due to the many changes our community has endured this past year we now know there are many people who have become disconnected from our community. This has moved us to extend the opportunities and the training for those who serve the Sick, Elderly and the Homebound. 

Whether a person is Elderly, Homebound or a person in the Hospital, SEAS Visitation Ministry provides the opportunity for both the Sacrament of Holy Communion and a social connection to individuals who would benefit from a visit from a fellow parishioner.

This ministry, through volunteer efforts, visit those parishioners in nursing facilities, residences and other homebound situations. Reasons for visits range from distributing communion, providing spiritual support, or visit someone who is feeling isolated. Joining this ministry gives you an opportunity for service and connection to our community.

Facility Lead- coordinating the schedule of volunteers at a particular facility, keeping records and working with the facility contact to ensure we are serving people well. 

Visitation Minister- Committing to the regular visitation and distribution of communion with either a facility or homebound team member. Take the Holy Eucharist to their home or hospital, pray with them, and distribute the Holy Eucharist. Bring a parish bulletin for each individual so they continue to feel part of the parish community.

Faith Community Partner- Working with Baylor Grapevine, the NEW opportunity has you paired with a Catholic patient who is being discharged. The commitment is to spiritually support them on their recovery with scheduled zoom calls. This is a great way to help invite someone to our community from the comfort of your home.


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