Facility Request

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church & School
Facility Request Form

1. One event per Facility Request Form, Do Not Schedule Multiple Events on one Form

2. Please be specific - date, time, number of chairs, tables, etc.

3. Before submitting your Facility Request, please Review the Facility Policy and Guidelines Form and inform your organization members. 

4. If the schedule cannot accommodate your request or if any changes are made, you will be notified. 

Facility Request Form

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Is he/she a member of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton*

Incoming Priest, Deacon, and/or speaker? Refer to Policy Guidelines*

Don't fill out if there is no preference

Ex: Daily, Weekly, Weekdays, Monthly, 2nd Tuesday, Every Sunday, etc *No meetings on Holidays/Holy Days

Microphone, TV/DVD, Extension Cord, Screen, Projector, Tables, Chairs, Other

Is Food to be Served:*

1. If the event is cancelled, I will contact the Parish Office as Soon as possible.

2. With My signature, I verify that our organization will read the parish facility policies and guidelines and will fully comply as outlined and understand that failure to do so will result in group or individua loss of privileges.