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Communication Request Form

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church & School
Communication Request Form

The mission of the Communication ministry is to engage our local community by sharing the Gospel and the life of our parish through various communication channels. Our purpose is to work with the ministries of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton to tell our story, and to also encourage people to serve in ministry. All requests should be submitted as soon as possible once your event is confirmed. In order to work with you on this mission, we ask that you provide the information below with as many details as possible. 

Once completed, this form will automatically be sent to the SEAS Communications Department. All items are due a minimum 10 days prior to print. Due to workload demands, immediate requests cannot be honored.  Due to space limitations, we cannot always guarantee that your communication will be posted in the bulletin. Please include attachments or corresponding photos. They must be in JPEG or PNG format.

Note: Please be sure that the event has already been approved by the Parish Pastor before submitting your request and a facilities request has been submitted, https://seascc.org/need-help/facility-request. Thank you.

Communication Request Form

Please be accurate as we use this for our Google Calendar as well

Please provide the date that this event actually starts.

If there is an End Time, Please be sure to fill out as we use this for the Parish Website Calendar

Please provide the date that you would like this event to start being advertised (space permitting). OUR STANDARD ADVERTISEMENT LENGTH IS 2 WEEKS. PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY.

If this event has an end date, please provide it here.

If this event has an end time, please provide it here.

If this is on our campus, please provide the building name and room number if possible. If this event is not on our campus, please provide the full name and address of where the event is being held.

Verbiage you would like posted, slogans, if there is a cutoff date for registration, event cost, if there are things people need to bring, etc. Please be as detailed as possible. *(Content is subject to editing)

Where do you want this advertised? (Space permitting)*

Please note: Due dates are shorter around the Holidays (October - April).

Please include photos, logos, QR codes, ads in jpeg or png format


Abbie Ellis

Communications Coordinator

office: 817.431.3857 Ext. 509