Formation and Sacramental Preparation

You will notice this year registrations look a little different. We're using a new platform called ChurchCenter. This platform will speed up your family's involvement in any groups, service opportunities, nursery, or events going forward in the parish.

But like many things, it means there's an extra step up front.

To make your program registrations as smooth as possible, please read everything first and do the following:

Step 1. Create a Profile and Add your Whole Family 

Family Info Registration

  • You only need to do this once!
  • The first person you enter is yourself (the parent
  • Under "household members" You'll be able to then add another adult (spouse/adults living at home) and/or children (12th grade and younger)
  • When adding an adult/spouse, please use their email and mobile phone number. Their information should be unique to them and allow them to register for events in the future.

Step 2. Sign Up for Each Specific Program

Program Registration

  • You can find all RE, Youth Ministry, and Sacramental Prep programs here. Click on the program you are enrolling a student for.
    Click register and sign in with the phone number/email associated with yourself (the parent)
  • Then choose each family member participating in the program and select their participation type.
  • During registration, most basic information will be auto populated from the form in Step 1. You will still need to answer questions specific to the program.
  • At the end of each registration you will be prompted for the registration fee. Please complete each registration in full before moving on to registering a student(s) for another program.


  • Why isn't my child showing up? Make sure you signed in with the email or phone number you used in the Family Information Form. If you did and they still aren't showing, you may not have entered your kids to your house hold in the Family Information Form of Step 1. Go back and re-submit the form with their information.
  • I see my child, but why can’t I select them? Most programs have a restriction based on grade or age. (For example, students being confirmed must be at least 15 by the time of Confirmation per the diocese of Fort Worth. A student turning 15 after Confirmation prep has ended needs to wait until the following year.)

    If there is a mistake in your child's age/grade, reach out to one of the following:
    • Religious Ed, CGS, First Communion -
    • Middle and High Youth Ministry, Confirmation -
    • Young Disciples, RCIC, RCIA and Adult Confirmation -
  • Is there a discount for large families? You'll notice we have lowered the program registration to $30 for each student for the year and there is no fee for Middle and High School Youth Ministry (no specific materials associated). That being said, we are still honoring the $120 maximum per family. Please reach out if your family is expected to exceed $120 this year.

Are you Interested in Passing on our Catholic Faith to Others?

We are looking for volunteers to teach our Catholic Faith to all ages. If you would like to explore the opportunities, take a minute to fill out our Catechist/ Aide Volunteer Form. We'll contact you to discuss how you'd like to help, and answer any questions! You can also call us in the Religious Education Office at (817) 623-2409.

Volunteer Interest Form


We recognize that not everyone's faith journey looks the same. So, whatever the situation, we are here to assist each family on their unique journey. If you have questions or concerns about the process, just let us know.