SEAS Youth

Middle School Youth Ministry

Play and Pray. The world is pushing our kids to grow up so fast. And while our kids feel that pressure, they also just need a space to be a kid. They also need hope. It's here that we challenge our middle school teens to encounter the person of Jesus and begin building a relationship with Him. 

Middle School Ministry focuses on reminding kids how to have fun (in person and without a screen) and showing them how "real" their God is through talks and prayer.

Each night we provide food and a place to relax. We love to throw parties and play games. We close each night with the Gospel Message and prayer. 

High School Youth Ministry

Belonging. If our human needs could be summed up in one word it would be to that. To be seen as you are and what you are doing. To be known, not just by your characteristics, but the desires of your heart. And to be loved, not conditionally, but in the same way God the Father has loved us.

High School Youth Ministry is focused on building community and encountering the Love of God through new friendships, relevant talks, and prayer.

Each night we provide food and a place to relax. We love to throw parties and play games. Our high schoolers are led to an encounter with Jesus and encouraged to pursue a relationship with Him. Teens have access through the Youth Ministry team to ask questions and be accompanied in their walk with the Lord. We close each night with the Gospel Message and prayer.

Register for Middle and High School Youth Ministry

Step 1

Fill out the Family Information Form found here:
  • You only need to fill this form out once, ever! If you did it last year or for a different program, you don't need to do it again.
  • The first person you enter is yourself (the parent). 
  • Under "household members" You'll be able to then add adult (spouse/adults living at home) or child (12th grade and younger). 
  • When adding an adult/spouse, please use their email and mobile phone number. Their information should be unique to them and allow them to register for events in the future.

Step 2

Register for your programs: SEAS Middle and High School Youth Ministry
  • Click register and sign in with the phone number/email associated with yourself (the parent)
  • Then choose each family member participating in the program and select their participation type. 
  • During registration, most basic information will be auto populated from the form in Step 1. You will still need to answer questions specific to the program.
  • At the end of each registration you will be prompted for the registration fee. Please complete each registration in full before moving on to registering a student(s) for another program.


We recognize that not everyone's faith journey looks the same. So whatever the situation, we're here to assist each family on their unique journey. If you have questions or concerns about the process, just let us know.

Xochitl Blanco

Religious Education/Hispanic Assistance

office: (817) 623-2409 ext. 503

Erin Gueco

Coordinator of High School Youth Ministry