Catholicism 101 -- 6-Week Study of The Hapsburg Way: Seven Rules for Turbulent Times

Tuesdays, starting May 21st, at 7 PM located in the PCC Cafe
Few families in history are as renowned as the Habsburgs, one of the principal sovereign dynasties of Europe from the thirteenth to the twentieth century.
These enthralling pages provide glimpses into the lives of their esteemed members. The lessons that their lives teach will help guide your family in faith and will help you live in peaceful prosperity and grow in holiness. Their maxims could also provide a roadmap for healing the world we live in.
Participants will need to purchase the book The Hapsburg Way: 7 Rules for Turbulent Times prior to the first class. It is available from a variety of online sources and at Chris Angel Catholic Store in Keller (on Kelley Pkwy @ Pate Orr Rd). Please email Ellie at with any questions.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2024


7:00pm - 8:30pm


- PCC - 101/12 Cafeteria, - PCC - 100/9 & 2 Auditorium